Our Family

Our family of five consists of:

Heidi - mother, cook, curriculum designer (for elementary education) and blogger.  You can find her on Raki's Rad Resources, at Teachers Pay Teachers and on YouTube.  For 9 years, she taught in classrooms and computer labs, using projects and hands on learning to bring learning to life for kids.  Now, she uses her expertise with her own children and to help teachers around the world.

Khalil - father, handyman, curriculum designer (for language learning), and blogger.  With a background in medicine and the ability to speak five languages (Arabic, French, Spanish, Russian and English), he is the jack of all trades, who can learn anything from reading the manual or watching a YouTube video.  With 2 years of teaching experience, he is also helping to homeschool his own children, while creating resources for those who are teaching a second language.  You can find him at Raki's Rad Language Resources.

Kal - the oldest son, the scientist, the bossy one.  Co-author of the blog Traveling from a Kid's Point of View since 2011.  Roadschooling started in 5th grade - in English, Arabic and French.

Zaiyd - the middle son, the adventurous eater, the one who is "all boy" when it comes to bodily functions.  Co-author of the blog Traveling from a Kid's Point of View since 2012.     Roadschooling started in 2nd grade - in English, Arabic and French.

Sam - the baby, the difficult one, the loud one.  Too young to blog, but Sam will add his contribution to his blog by pointing out what we should be taking pictures of.  Roadschooling started in Pre-K - in English, Arabic and French.

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