How We Afford It

One of the biggest questions we get is - How do you afford to do this?  The answer is - we have a variety of incomes and very little bills.  We used our savings to buy both our RV and car cash, so there are no payments due out and no credit card bills to deal with.  This helps - a lot!

So, let's take a look at some averages  These numbers actually vary quite a bit from month to month, depending on a wide range of things including time of year, time spent marketing, and where we are currently hanging out.

Average Income Per Month as of January 2015:
 $1,700 from selling teaching resources on Teachers Pay Teachers
 $     30 from selling teaching resources on Teachers Notebook and Teachers Lingo
 $     30 from selling language resources on Teachers Pay Teachers and Arabic Playground
 $   100 from doing various virtual assistant jobs
 $   300 from selling items on our Amazon store
 $     20 from Amazon affilliate links

$2,180 total average income

Average Expenses Per Month as of January 2015:
$ 150 for cell phone & internet
$ 200 for gasoline for the car 
$ 500 for food and household items
$ 600 for student loans
$   85 for car insurance
$   40 for RV insurance

$1,575 total average expenses

*** These are our expenses if we are workamping in exchange for free lodging, ie. no campsite fees AND if we are not moving from place to place.  When we need to travel, there are always extra gas expenses that go along with having an RV.

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