Sunday, August 10, 2014

Spark Plugs are IMPORTANT!

New spark plugs can be very important to keeping an RV engine running well. Recently, I learned the importance of spark plugs for a smooth ride. I had already changed the fuel filter and fuel pump, because the RV was losing power and the engine was shutting down. Since I am not a big mechanical guy, I hadn’t thought to check the spark plugs. When the engine shut down again, we pulled to the side of the road to let it cool down and I laid down in the back of the RV to take a rest. Suddenly, it occurred to me that I need to check the spark plug, and OMG they sure needed to be replaced.

The next Auto parts store was 30 miles away in Grants New Mexico. When the RV cooled down, we headed there, but on the way the RV broke down AGAIN. So we decided to look for the closest campground to New spark plugs can be very important to keeping an RV engine running wellspend a night and get the spark plugs next day. We arrived at the campground with just enough time to jump in the pool and eat a yummy dinner.

The next day I woke up early - at what I thought was 7 o’clock. Unfortunately, my watch was still on Georgia time, so I walked all the way (about 6 miles) to Napa Auto Parts only to find out that they wouldn’t open for the next 2 hours. While I waited, I wandered around a few other stores, got some coffee and enjoyed quiet time away from the kids. Once they opened, I got the parts needed (8 spark plugs for almost 20 dollars) and walked back - another 6miles. I finally arrived and had just enough time before checking out of the campground to change each individual plug.

You can see from the picture that one broke while I was changing them. It snapped easily, so I was glad that I was changing the spark plugs before hitting the road. Anyway, I learned my lesson, and also learned that spark plugs are easy to replace. Anyone can do it! Now the RV is running REALLY GOOD!!!!


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