Friday, September 12, 2014


What did the goose say to the car? HONK! Did you know that baby goose is called a goslings or that Canadian Geese migrate all the way from Canada to Georgia? Keep reading to find out more.


Do you know what happens inside an egg? Well let’s find out. Before the female goose lays her eggs the sperm and egg combine. Then she lays he eggs and makes a gosling. The gosling take time to form and create, think about it as Legos. You are trying to make something amazing, but it takes hours, days even months to create. That’s how a gosling forms, it takes 4 to 5 months to form and hatch from the egg. Hatching is not an easy thing.    It can take days to hatch and once you hatch an adventure is put in front of you.


During winter, when the hatchlings grow up and are old enough to fly they migrate to someplace warm. For example Canadian Geese travel to Georgia for the entire season! Migrating is not easy at all. There are storms, prying eyes,DSCF7042 tornadoes etc that can easily kill a goose. They must keep their eyes and ears on the lookout for creatures, plants, weather and other dangerous things. I learned most of this information from watching geese at our campsite. At our campground (Holiday Harbor Marine Resort, GA) we can experience the life and nature of Plants, Animals and most importantly EARTH!




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