Sunday, February 15, 2015

Where Are You From?

Where are you from?  Simple question, complex answer.  RVing with the Rakis


Such a simple question, right?  Since we move a lot, we regularly get asked “Where are you from?”  For most people the idea that everyone has a home base where they are “from” makes complete sense.  Unfortunately in our case, it is slightly more complicated.


Technically, I’m “from” Buffalo, NY.  I grew up there, graduated from high school there, etc. etc. However, I left Buffalo at 17 and I spent the longest period of my adult life just outside of Atlanta, GA – with a few years spent out in Las Cruces, NM.


My husband is “from” Casablanca, Morocco.  However, he also left home at 17 and spent 7 years living in St. Petersburg, Russia.  Then, he lived in New York City and of course just outside of Atlanta, GA.


For a long time where we were from was simply Atlanta.  But then we spent three years in Morocco and so even though we said we were “from” Atlanta, neither of us was born or raised there and we haven’t lived there –outside of our six month stop of recent in almost four years.


Now my children were all born in the Atlanta area, so they can say they are “from” there.  However, the younger two remember more about Morocco then they do about Atlanta.


So, you see a simple answer has now turned into a life story.  For some that is fine and turns into a cool time to share our story – and our blog - with others.  However, not everyone I meet needs to know my life story!


As we move on with our life, the answer is sure to get even more complicated.  I am happy with the life we are leading, in fact I love it.  I love the people we get to meet, the experiences we get to have and the sights we get to see.  I just wish people would stop asking me that simple, common question.  LOL – Good problems to have, right?


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