Tuesday, July 8, 2014

An “Adventurous” Day

Today was one of those days that you just have to laugh at.  We woke up at a campground in Amarillo, TX.  Started out relatively simple – laundry, dishes and shower.  Packing up to start out for New Mexico, with our goal destination begin Gallup, NM.  The mister called a repairman to come out and take a look at the refrigerator that still wasn’t working.  Repair guy came a bit later than expected, but was a great guy, told us exactly what had to be done, for only $125.  Unfortunately he didn’t have the part, but he knew a guy that should.  Ok, cool, let’s go get it.

Directions to get to this guy turned out to be kinda tricky, went past it, but that’s okay, we found a Walmart and picked up some sandwich stuff because by now it was getting close to lunchtime and the natives were getting restless.  Also finally got that hose to dump the black tank (I’ll let the mister write a post about that nasty job later!)  Two more wrong turns later and we finally found the guy, but he didn’t have the part either, but he also knew a guy who should have it.  Luckily, the second guy’s place was easier to find and so we picked it up for a whopping $300.

Okay, got the part, the mister decided to put it in when we arrived at our destination, which we now revised to be Albuquerque, NM, since we were getting such a late start.  Head down the road and are barely into New Mexico when the engine starts giving us trouble – not pushing enough power, then slowing until the battery stopped.  Did this twice, the mister got it going again both times.  But the second time we called AAA before it got going again.  Luckily for AAA was still on the way, because a third incidence was soon on it’s way.

Now mind you, we were in the middle of two towns – one 15 miles back, the other 35 miles forward, there were no mechanics to call.  We Our adventurous day on the roaddid however see a gas station and thought – “Hey, they might be able to give us a jump before AAA arrives.”  So, we head off the highway – insert incident # 3.  However, we made it to the gas station, unfortunately there wasn’t really a gas station left – the building had burned down, it was just a pile of metal and rubble.  Oh well, let’s sit here to wait for AAA – oh and it’s getting close to dinner time, so why not cook something?  (This is why I LOVE having a motorhome, I have my whole kitchen with me wherever I go!)

So, the boys’ bikes were pulled down and they set to riding.  Grandma pulled out her lawn chair and sat outside with them, while I started making red beans and rice.  AAA showed up – of course the mister already had the engine turning over again by this point.  The AAA guy checked the battery – yep, it was fine.  He said that his suspicion was a fuel pump or a fuel filter, but that he thought we should be able to make it to Santa Rosa, no problem.  Unfortunately, while the AAA guy was there, the 3 year old decided to poop in his pants and the 6 year old fell on his bike and scraped up his knee – one of those classic mom wants to pull her hair out moments.

 Our adventurous day on the road After the AAA guy left, the mister set out to change the control board and yeah!!!  the fridge works!  Another couple pulled into the gas station thinking it was actually a gas station, and the sweet guy looked at it with the mister.  He suggested we check the air filter, so mister (who had just cleaned his hands) dug in there and sure enough – the air filter was full and filthy!  He also saw a hose that wasn’t connected right, so he fixed it.  While he was in there, he saw that there was a belt that looked rough and would probably need replacing soon. 

However, he figured his quick fixes would get it us to the next town at least, so as soon as we were done eating, we set off.  Wow!  It ran so much better, like nothing had ever happened!  So we were excited and ready to push on to Albuquerque or even Gallup.  The kiddos got tired, and I got them ready and settled in to bed, than sat down to chill with my husband, since my laptop battery was dead and I couldn’t do any work.  Suddenly, we heard a rattling sound under my seat – uh oh!  Pulled over at the next exit into a gas station to find that the kinda rough belt was now really rough – undrivable rough.  Time to call the mechanic!  The mister put in the call and he’ll be out in the morning.  For now, we are headed to bed in the parking lot, staying safe, somewhere between Santa Rosa and Albuquerque – chilling on Route 66.

Everyone is safe and sound in their own beds.  Luckily, we built in two extra days to our trip, just in case.  But, man what a day!!

Heidi Raki of Raki's Rad Resources

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