Sunday, July 13, 2014

Saving Money on Fixing the Generator.

So we bought the motorhome. The boys were excited but not me, because I was nervous driving this huge vehicle from Douglassville to Cartersville. I guess it was about 30 miles.

Anyway, I did and I was proud of myself. The motorhome is a 1990 Airex (Ford Chasis). It is a clean inside, but needs some TLC. The previous owner told me that the generator was not working and needed a control board. He wrote on a piece of paper all the information of parts that need to be replaced. Once we brought the RV home, I parked the RV at my Mexican “amigo” mechanic, Cerilo, hoping to check the brakes and the accelerator pedal. After 3 days he still had not not looked at the RV because he was swamped. So on Day Four, July 3th, (two days before we were set to leave for Las Vegas), I started freaking out and was especially worried about fixing the generator. So I called Three Way Camping, the local camping store and asked them how much they charged to service a generator. They gave me a phone number for a guy that will come out to you and fix a generator. The price was a $1000 to get the generator running again, so I almost had heart attack and I hung up quick. I went online and looked at the information that the previous owner gave me, there was the control board.  It was $119 for the card, but since I needed it the next day, the total was $192 plus taxes.




On July 5th, the package arrived, and it was easy to replace. It took me about 10 minutes to take the old one out and put the new one, and voila! I saved over $800 by doing the work on my own.

This was my first successful self-repair job in the motorhome. When we owned our house in Powder Springs, GA,  I learned to fix a lot of stuff, like plumbing, tiling and electrical work. Now I am learning how to live and repair our home on wheels. My next challenge now is that fridge that is not cooling. Stay tuned for more of our adventure fixing our motorhome during travel with RVing with the Raki’s!



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