Sunday, July 20, 2014

Fixing the Refrigerator

So I fixed the generator, Yeahhhhh!  (Unfortunately, we later figured out there is still some sort of kink in the generator process, but I’ll save that for another post.) My next dilemma was the refrigerator. I thought that it was working when we bought the RV. Some RV fridges are 2 way fridges and others are 3 way fridges. What does that really mean? Well, 2 way fridges get power from a 12 volt source (your car battery) OR a 120 volt source(plugged into an electric socket).  3 way fridges will get power from a 12 volt source (your car battery), a 120 volt source (plugged into an electric socket) OR from your propane tank.

DSCF6693 We quickly figured out that our fridge was a 3 way fridge, but it was not working. I knew it wasn’t cooling and the display on the door was not changing no matter what button I pushed (temperature, on/off, source). So I asked at the KOA campground in Amarillo, for recommendations of who to have look at it. Luckily, they had the number of someone who could come right out to the campground.  The guy showed up in the morning and within an hour, he told me that I need a new electronic board. He didn’t have one, and didn’t actually fix anything, but he was helpful in diagnosing the issue.  His fee was $125 dollars, what an expensive hour, but at least we knew what the issue was.

Since he did not have that part, he gave me the phone number of a guy that might have it. I spent all morning looking for the address and finally I got there, but that guy didn’t have it either, but he knew another guy who MIGHT have it.  Long story short, the third guy had the part and I got the card for $300, but chose not to pay another $90 for him to put it into place.  Instead, we hit the highway again toward Las Vegas.

DSCF6439Half hour on the US-40 West, I felt that the engine was getting weak and not getting enough power. Oooh no! “What a great adventure today is turning out to be!”- I said to myself. The motor home was running good, but now I was having more problems. I decided to pull over and check that out. So I stopped at a gas station, to let the engine cool down. My spouse starting cooking diner, because it was getting dark, but I started to work on the fridge. I replaced the card and voila, in about 5 minutes the fridge was working!  Saved myself $90, and made me the hero of the family, as we could now buy and store essentials – like butter, cheese and milk without worrying about things going bad or getting soaked in ice water from the cooler.  Way to turn a bad day into a good one!



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