Thursday, July 10, 2014

Animals Galore!

During this first week of our adventure, we haven’t really had time to “stop and smell the roses” or visit really anything.  We are in a bit of a mad rush to get to Las Vegas, NV for the first annual Teachers Pay Teachers conference.  We have only had a chance to visit campgrounds and gas stations.  However, the kids have found a bunch of animals anyways.  Here are some pictures they took:



These ducks came to visit us on our campsite in Alma, Arkansas.  They were VERY friendly, they even followed us on our walk.

DSCF6365 This snake was sitting in the middle of the road, until a bird came along, then he slithered away so fast, we almost didn’t get his picture.


This friendly grasshopper hopped right in the window and took a seat on my laptop.  We snapped a quick picture and then returned him to the grass.


On the way back from the showers in Amarillo, TX, the boys caught site of this cute little bunny.  They ran back to the campsite to grab a camera and snap his picture.

DSCF6443 These large, black crows came by for a visit while we were waiting for the guy to come from AAA and check out our motor home.  They stayed put just long enough for a photo opportunity.


Just think of the animals we’ll see when we actually start to “see” the country!



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  1. It was so great to meet you in person and hear about RVing with the Raki's!!